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Happy Tree Human??? is a spinoff. It's about some fanon and canon characters in a strange town, but is still in the Happy Tree Friends universe.



  • Jack is the main character. He is 15 years old and has a girlfriend named Ally. He's based on Cuddles.
  • Ally is 16 years and loves Jack. She's based on Giggles.
  • Dr. Blood Thirsty is the villain. He wants to destroy the tree friends. He's based on Devious.
  • Homer is a sailor who is based on Russell.
  • Mr. Jerry and Xing are a father and baby duo based on Pop and Cub.
  • 44 is a robot made by Dr. Blood Thirsty based on 001.
  • Old Robert is a hobo based on Tromp.
  • Fredwhy is a blind guy based on The Mole.



  1. You're Happy and You're Dead
  2. The Sailor Trip