Happy Tree Wheels is a crossover between the web series Happy Tree Friends and the computer game Happy Wheels.


The idea of this game came into light by comparing the blood and gore of the two series.

Like in Happy Wheels, the point of the game is to make it to the finish line by passing obstacles without being injured or killed. The characters move with a ragdoll-like motion but also speak and scream.

In June 2016, it was updated to more resemble Happy Wheels. Players can now build their own stages and add new characters.


Many characters from Happy Tree Friends are featured in this game, all with different modes of transportation.

The character selection screen without unlocked characters.

Original characters


All characters are unlocked.

Updated characters


  • Spleen Hill Zone
  • Highway to hell
  • Bridge Over Trouble Water
  • Mount Killer-manjaro
  • I Want to Play a game
  • Balcony Agony
  • Cry me a Liver
  • Sawmill grill
  • A walk in the park 


  • Some of these characters are based on Happy Wheels characters (eg: Pop and Cub reference the Irresponsible Dad and his son).
  • The updated version of the game now includes fan characters.
  • Russell has gone from riding a boat to a water scooter.
  • New characters and stages are currently being added.


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