Happy Treelanders is a game spoof of Skylanders. Like Skylanders, the game requires special toys.


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Normal Characters


Swap Forces


  • The game is compatible with the original Skylanders.
  • If Tony's upper half is placed on Patriot's lower half, it unlocks an alternate costume for Tony. The alternate costume is Iron Patriot. The same thing works for Webb's upper half and Tony's Lower half to unlock Iron Spider.
  • Reilly was originally going to a be a Swap-Force character, to unlock his version of the Spider-Man suit. Reilly and Webb were both based off 2 characters of the same series, so Reilly became a normal character.
  • The Swap Force Skylanders, The Giant Skylanders, LightCore Skylanders and Normal Skylanders work the same way like in any normal Skylanders game. The Treelanders don't work with Skylanders 1, 2 or 3
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