Happy Zodiac is a Happy Tree Friends spinoff which is created by the same person who made Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land.


This series stars Hikaru, a boy who has unclear past and backstory. He seems to be aware of the unique zodiac signs of the tree friends, and he's trying to uncover the mysteries.

List of Episodes

Much like Happy Clover, this series is very short. Happy Zodiac contains only 6 episodes so far.

  1. Welcome to the Neighborhood
  2. The Zodiac Begins
  3. I Spy Jealousy
  4. My Lovely Giggles
  5. Happy White Day
  6. My Friend Lumpy


Names in other languages

Russian счастливый знак (Schastlivyy Znak) Lucky Sign
Spanish Zodiac Feliz Happy Zodiac
German Glücklich Zodiac Happy Zodiac
Japanese 幸福の干支 (Kōfuku No Eto) Zodiac of Happiness
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