Hazed and Confused is a HTF Fanon episode.

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An alarm clock goes off and Indy sits up in his bed. He goes to turn off his alarm but he is quickly distracted by his own reflection in his dresser mirror. Forgeting all about his alarm, Indy hops out of bed and trips over his own feet. He then gets up and heads to his bathroom. In his bathroom, Indy turns on the tap to his bathtub and he goes to get a towel. Unfortunatly he forgets about the bath when his doorbell rings.

Indy goes to the front door and trys to open it only to find he can't. In frustation, he hits the door and it swings open to reveal Sackes. Indy spots his friends and happily invites him in. The two head into the living room and Indy turns on the tv so he and Sackes can watch tv. Sackes sits down on the couch and starts watching tv while Indy goes to get a snack. Unforunatly Sackes becomes dizzy from the tv and passes out, so he doesnt spot the water from upstairs starting to flood the room.

Indy heads to tthe kitchen but alon the way he spots water gushing down the steps, Indy suddenly remembers the bathtub and rushes up the steps, falling every so often due to the water, but he soon arrives at the bathroom which is flooded with water. Indy trudges over to the bath and attempts to turn it off, but he is anable to remeber how and he instead turns hot water on  high as possible and his is burned by the water and dies.

At this time Tycoon arrives home from a buissness trip and opens his door only to have water gush out, along with the corpses of Indy and Sackes. Once the water dies down Tycoon screams at the ruins of his home.


  1. Sackes drowns when the house floods.
  2. Indy is burned by hot water.
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