Head Hunter is a HTF Fanon episode.
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Mouser is walking down town whistleing his theme. Suddenly Nutty runs into Mouser with a box of mints and the contents go flying. Mouser gets up dazed and spots the shape of his head made from the mints. Mouser happily pulls out his camera and takes a picture before running off. Later Mouser is seen at a play, where Drama is performing, suddeny Todd runs onto the stage and shoves Drama away, accidently knocking her into the controls for the spotlights. the lights flash and then form the shape of Mouser's head. Mouser smiles and snaps a picture of it, only then to be thrown out by secirty gaurd Lumpy.

As Mouser walks away, he bumps into Indy. Mouser looks at Indy and spots the shape of his head in Indy's tail feathers making Mouser happy. Mouser quickly takes a picture and blinds Indy with the flash. Soon Mouser is at the fair where he spots Mime selling balloons. Mouser sees that some of the balloons form his head and he happily snaps a piture before running off. Mouser walks at night to see some clouds in the night sky. Some shooting stars cut the clouds into circular clouds and Mouser sees his head being formed by the clouds and the Moon. Mouser takes a picture. Later Mouser arrives home and goes to his dark room to develpoe his pictures. As the pictures appear, its shown that his flash has ruined them all.

In anger Mouser slams his hand down and hits the tub of liquid, which splashes into his eyes, burning them. Mouser screams in horror and stumbles blindly into a tall shelf of cameras which falls over on him. The episode ends with two camera lens and one of Mouser's eyes forming the shape of his head.


  1. Mouser is crushed by a large shelf.


  1. Nutty runs into Mouser.
  2. Todd shoves Drama into a conrtol bax.
  3. Indy is blinded by the flash.
  4. Mouser is blinded by chemicals.


  • This is Mouser's first starring role and first death.
  • Mouser's head forming all the time is a reference to the old logos of the Disney Channel, especially those that were broadcasted internationally.
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