Head to Head is a HTFF Break.


This is why we need to wear helmets.




Prongs walks by to see Ellie and Rolly at a roller rink. Ellie catches his eye and he decides to put on some roller blades to try impressing her.

Upon entering the rink, Prongs nearly falls over a few times until finally getting the hang of it. He skates toward Ellie, who tries to skate out of the way as he gets closer. A crash occurs and Prongs is now brain-damaged due to Ellie's head being skewered to his scalp. Prongs himself ends up being decapitated by a fence.

The two antelope heads are left standing beside a sign informing about helmet safety.


  1. Ellie is decapitated and skewered by Prongs' horns.
  2. Prongs is decapitated by a fence.


  1. Prongs is brain-damaged by Ellie's horns.


  • This marks Ellie's first death.
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