Hello, Hell Hole is a fan episode of Happy Tree Friends.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles


It starts off when Flippy is driving an RV at night. He sees another RV that is on fire, and Lifty and Shifty are shown dead. He stops the RV he is driving and looks at the RV for 30 seconds.The fire starts to grow. This causes Flippy's eye pupils turn red. He starts to turn into Flippy The Fury Gale. He gets out of his car and starts to go on a rocket. Starting the rocket, he packs missiles and other destructive weapons. When he launches, he goes up to space and sets up his destructive weapons to obliterate the whole planet. Lumpy appears behind him out of nowhere, so Flippy shoots him with a gun. He fires his weapons, causing the planet to explode, bones and blood fly into space. Cuddles survives the explosion, but his left arm is cut off. He thinks that Flippy The Fury Gale took it too far, so he starts to grab a floating broad sword and heads to Flippy's shuttle to face him in battle. When he met Flippy, Flippy took out dual revolvers and starts to fire. He shoots Cuddles' broad sword off, so Flippy goes in front of him and shoots Cuddles' head off. A nuke comes out of nowhere and obliterates Flippy's shuttle. Flippy's spirit goes to hell for the disaster he caused, and he burns in hell and gets thrown into the pit of fire by the Devil.


  • Lumpy and Cuddles die from getting shot by Flippy The Fury Gale.
  • Flippy dies from a nuclear explosion.
  • Lifty and Shifty are shown dead prior to the episode (presumably from an accident).
  • Every living thing (except Cuddles) gets obliterated by Flippy's weapons.
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