Helter Smelter is a HTF Fanon episode.

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Cuddles and Josh arrive for their first day on the job at Tycoons factory. Tycoon personally greets the two and shows them to their work station. First up is Josh's station, the assimbaly line. Tycoon tells Josh that all he has to do is press a button when ever a peicr of iron goes by. Josh agnolizes this and Tycoon and Cuddles head off. Next they arrive at the iron smelter, where Fyre and Burnt are seen working. As the two work, molten iron pours into a container, Fyre, not watching his step, slips and falls face first into the molten iron.

Everyone scremas in terror and Tycoon rushes over to Fyre, who he pulls from the molten iron. With his face patially melt, Fyre is lead away by Tycoon. Now left with Burnt, Cuddles is unsure of what to do and asks Burnt. Burnt tells Cuddles he mearly has to flip a switch to fan the flames. Cuddles nods at Burnt and gets to work.

For a little while, all is good, until Lifty and Shifty arrive to steal from Tycoon. The two theives run across the catwalks over the smelters and slip, tumbling into the smelter, Cuddles and Burnt are using. The force of Lifty and Shifty landing in the molten iron, makes some splash out the top and land on Burnt and Cuddles. Cuddles is lucky as it mearly burns his tail off but Burnt isn't and molten iron melts through his head.

In pain and fear, Cuddles runs off, smacking right into Tycoon and Fyre. The impact knocks Tycoon and Fyre over while Cuddles keeps running. Fyre unfortunatly lands back in the contaner and melts while Tycoon lands on the lever to control the fan and is implaled. Cuddles runs past Josh's station where he is shocked to find Josh crushed by a machine. Cuddles shake sthis off and runs from the factory.

As soon as Cuddles gets outside the factory explodes in a huge ball of fire. Cuddles lets out a sigh in relief only to be crushed by part of the iron smelter.


  1. Lifty and Shifty fall into the smelter.
  2. Burnt is burned through the skull.
  3. Fyre melts in molten iron.
  4. Tycoon is impaled on a lever.
  5. Josh is crushed by a machine.
  6. Cuddles is crushed by part of the smelter.
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