Hippy is a main character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Hippy is a purple bear. He likes dentistry, according to writer Warren Graff. He is also shy on really rare occasions. He seems to be good friends with Cro-Marmot, yet accidentally killed him in his debut episode.

Some fans have mistaken him for being a hippy due to his name, similiar to how Meaty sometimes acts like a hippy. Despite this, he is still popular due to his many images and many roles.

Though most of his deaths are more realistic, his only deaths that can't happen in real life are Nail White Part 2, Stay A-Drive, Next-box 360 (one might die, one could survive however), Play, what's going on?, Spippy, Hippy's Garden Smoochie (all three options), Voodoo Your Buisness, and Smell of Victory. His most popular death is in We are the Camp-ions.

He is yet to have a starring role in the TV series. Kenn Navarro says that his pop-up will be jumping from side to side of a bush. Also, he is the only character who has videoclips from more than one episode in his internet season 7 intro.

His internet season 3 intro implies he likes ham sandwiches. He also owns a pet named Honey who first appeared in I Pet You Can Do This! Part 1 and also appeared in part 2. Snowie also appeared in the episode. Hippy and Honey survived both episodes.

He is the fourth character to have an ask blog. The third was Trippy, the second was Torn, and the first was Robo Star. He is sometimes busy and won't answer. However, he is still popular.

In I Know You Are, But What Am Eye?, Hippy is shown to dislike scary movies. A supporter of this shows that when blood splatters are shown on the movie, Hippy hides under a blanket, showing he may be hemophobic (afraid of blood).

He has spoken at least one clear English line in most of his episodes, such as Hello? Flaky broke her arm. in Shake your Hips, or Aw, so cute! in I Pet You Can Do This! Part 1. The only episodes where Hippy doesn't speak clear English are Stay A-Drive, Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 1, Spippy, Hippy's Garden Smoochie, Idol for Minutes, Angel on the Bay, I Thaw That Coming, Frisbee Yourself, No Dogs Allowed, Elliott's Sleeping Smoochie, Apples to Grapples, and Texas Hold Em'.

Hippy's Episodes

Famous Deaths

  1. Nail White Part 1
  2. Nail White Part 2
  3. We are the Camp-ions
  4. Spippy
  5. Out to Lunch

Starring Roles

  1. Shake your Hips
  2. Stay A-Drive
  3. Nail White Part 1
  4. Next-box 360
  5. Mall-oween
  6. Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 1
  7. Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 2
  8. Play, what's going on?
  9. Spippy
  10. Hippy's Garden Smoochie
  11. A Hippy Situation
  12. Don't Be Trippy, Hippy
  13. Birthday Pranks
  14. Idol for Minutes
  15. Revival
  16. Voodoo Your Buisness
  17. I Know You Are, But What Am Eye?
  18. I Pet You Can Do This! Part 1
  19. I Pet You Can Do This! Part 2
  20. Better Early Than Ever
  21. An Art Craft-y to See
  22. Spike Pit
  23. Good Show, Good Snow!
  24. Bank You Very Much
  25. Down in the Dumps
  26. Sick to the Plan
  27. Out to Lunch
  28. Hippie-potamus
  29. Flag and Report
  30. Joining the Trio
  31. Santa Law
  32. You Can't Cats Me
  33. Smell of Victory
  34. Generic Love

Featuring Roles

  1. Pranks for the Memories
  2. Nail White Part 2
  3. Stop Stair-ing
  4. Welcome To My Knife
  5. We are the Camp-ions
  6. Out of Sight, Out of Time
  7. The Right Side Of The Tracks
  8. Angel on the Bay
  9. I Thaw That Coming
  10. Frisbee Yourself
  11. Hotel Me About It
  12. Hawk Attack
  13. Road Kill
  14. Paintful Love
  15. Blast Off
  16. Crime Doesn't Pay
  17. Sting Around the Campfire
  18. I Need a New Brain
  19. Card Trick
  20. Mistaken Eye-dentity
  21. Sleep-Over and Out
  22. Suited for Trouble
  23. You Camp Handle It
  24. Sky and By
  25. The Big Save
  26. Dawn of the Squash
  27. Sweet Tooth Decay
  28. Final Scare
  29. Snow Dazed
  30. Catch That Bus
  31. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  32. Twist and Shout
  33. For Hero to Go
  34. Toss it Over
  35. A Chilli Challenge
  36. Shunned For Fun
  37. Just Cruisin' Around
  38. Follow the Light
  39. Cape Fear
  40. Big Deal!
  41. Stretch your Differences
  42. What a Sap
  43. Risen From the Ashes
  44. Road Trippy
  45. The Dummy's Curse
  46. Mischef
  47. Joker

Appearance Roles

  1. Torn and Rip's Revenge
  2. Dog Darn It!
  3. Surfsoars
  4. No Dogs Allowed
  5. Bombs in town
  6. Elliott's Sleeping Smoochie (only his arm is seen)
  7. The Viking and The Samurai
  8. Buried Pleasure
  9. Move it or Luge it!
  10. I've Gotta Bandit to You
  11. What's the Motor?
  12. Fight Night
  13. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death
  14. Nutcracker, Nut-listener
  15. A Close Shave
  16. Milk of the Cow-ard
  17. Sight to See
  18. Fair is Pharaoh
  19. Hoops, I Did It Again
  20. Fright-day
  21. Treasure Hunted
  22. The Art of Trash
  23. Wake(board) Up
  24. Dino-Sore
  25. Mark of Retribution
  26. Monumental Trouble
  27. Peace and Diet
  28. What Zit to You?
  29. Bone to be Wild
  30. Dart Attack
  31. Food Feud
  32. Monster of a Mess
  33. At Death's Door
  34. Bringing the Pain
  35. A Crumby Day
  36. Bigger Fish to Fry
  37. Don't Spray It
  38. Black Eyed Bully
  39. Write Off
  40. The Big Three Oh!
  41. Smile for the Pickle
  42. What's so Great About This Britain?
  43. Dirt Poor
  44. Innocent Bystander
  45. Spray it Like You Mean it
  46. Read None About It!
  47. Say What?
  48. Just My Luck
  49. Pain Drain
  50. Derpsie Daisy!
  51. Nightmares Beware
  52. Remembering Trippy
  53. Poachable Eggheads
  54. Tiny Troubles
  55. You Shop, You Drop
  56. Tail-Tired!
  57. Stake on the Barbie
  58. Vanilla Ice Cream
  59. This Won't Hurt a Bit
  60. No More Clowning Around!
  61. Sand Over Some Place
  62. Rushing Time

HTF Break Roles

  1. Apples to Grapples
  2. Texas Hold Em' (only his arm his seen)
  3. Fall Problem
  4. Rough Play
  5. Trick or Trip
  6. Plot Twister
  7. Cymbals of Doom

Bros to the Most Episodes

  1. Break of the Platypi
  2. Big Bully

Ask Hippy

Hippy got an ask blog on May 11, 2012. He is the fourth Happy Tree Friends OC to have an ask blog. The third was Trippy, the second was Torn, and the first was Robo Star. You can see the blog here.

Ask Hippy

The header for the blog.

A question hasn't been asked or answered for over 2 years - the blog had simply been forgotten and the password was later lost.

Occupations and Careers

  1. Truck Driver - Stay A-Drive
  2. Christmas Play actor - Play, what's going on?
  3. Gardener - Hippy's Garden Smoochie
  4. Orthodontist/Surgeon - Revival
  5. Street Seller - Voodoo Your Buisness
  6. Painter - An Art Craft-y to See
  7. Camper - We are the Camp-ions
  8. Mailman - Dog Darn It!
  9. Famous Surfer - Surfsoars
  10. Pawn Shop Owner - Buried Pleasure
  11. Cashier - Nutcracker, Nut-listner
  12. Optometrist - Mistaken Eye-dentity
  13. Convenience store boss - Innocent Bystander
  14. Tycoon's employee/temporary manager - Hippie-potamus



Seen on Computer and TV

  1. Stay A-Drive: Run over by Disco Bear and Toothy.
  2. Nail White Part 1: Hit by a nail and impaled in numerous places, later revived.
  3. Nail White Part 2: Ran over by Lumpy.
  4. Stop Stair-ing: May have died from blood loss after his hands were ripped off (debatable).
  5. Next-box 360: Nippy puts him through a TV and he is eletrocuted.
  6. Mall-oween: Hit by a knife.
  7. Welcome To My Knife: Stabbed by a bowie knife (death not seen)
  8. Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 2: Dies when his house explodes.
  9. We are the Camp-ions: Torn apart by a grizzly bear.
  10. Play, what's going on?: Impaled by bed springs.
  11. Break of the Platypi: Suffocates when covered in smoke for a long time.
  12. Spippy: Dies when the combined version of him and Spot are shot with a combine-a-tron.
  13. A Hippy Situation: Run over by Rip.
  14. Out of Sight, Out of Time: Run over by Sniffles.
  15. The Right Side Of The Tracks: Pierced in the chest by Ale.
  16. Idol for Minutes: Falls through a grass hologram and splatters on the ground (idol-induced).
  17. Angel on the Bay: Dies when the Earth is burnt.
  18. Bombs in town: Dies when the town explodes.
  19. I Thaw That Coming: Possibly killed by Grunts (debatable and not seen).
  20. Voodoo Your Buisness: Burnt by the sun.
  21. Frisbee Yourself: Skull crushed when Snowie walks over him.
  22. I Know You Are, But What Am Eye?: Decapitated by Torn.
  23. The Viking and the Samurai: Stabbed to death by Grunts.
  24. Better Early Than Ever: Possibly dies from jumping out the window (debatable).
  25. I've Gotta Bandit to You: Crashes into a car.
  26. Hotel Me About It: Electrocuted to death.
  27. What's the Motor?: Burns to death (debatable).
  28. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death: Stabbed by a bull's horns.
  29. Blast Off: Vaporized by a ray gun.
  30. Crime Doesn't Pay: Sliced by money.
  31. Spike Pit: Head decapitated by a spike.
  32. Sting Around the Campfire: Half his body is squeezed into bucket.
  33. I Need a New Brain - Cut to pieces by a saw in a slide.
  34. Down in the Dumps - Falls down a gate and splatters.
  35. Hoops, I Did It Again - Burnt to death.
  36. Fright-day: Same death as Sting Around the Campfire, though his whole body is affected.
  37. Best of Brute-ish - Shredded by the fast spinning London Eye
  38. Sick to the Plan - Smashed into a hose.
  39. Out to Lunch - Crushed by a vending machine and tree.
  40. Sleep-Over and Out - Neck slit by Torn.
  41. Monumental Trouble - Falls off Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  42. Suited for Trouble - Head shot off by bullet.
  43. You Camp Handle It - Impaled in the back of the head by a flaming bit of wood.
  44. The Big Save - Flattened by an anchor.
  45. Dart Attack - Impaled by Flaky.
  46. Dawn of the Squash - Beheaded offscreen.
  47. Monster of a Mess - Crushed by garbage bag.
  48. Sweet Tooth Decay - Killed by grenade explosion, zombie self sucked in vaccum.
  49. A Crumby Day - Cut by glass shards.
  50. Final Scare - Shot by Cryptie.
  51. Snow Dazed - Shot by one of Flippy's icicle bullets.
  52. Don't Spray It - Possibly falls to his death (debatable).
  53. The Big Three Oh! - Killed by Flippy's bomb.
  54. What's so Great About This Britain? - Crushed by Stonehenge's rocks.
  55. Innocent Bystander - Eaten by Smith.
  56. Twist and Shout - Crushed by vending machine.
  57. Spray it Like You Mean it - Slips and cracks head.
  58. Read None About It! - Vaporized by Splendid.
  59. Just My Luck - Ran over by a bus.
  60. Toss it Over - Burnt to death (debatable).
  61. Hippie-potamus - Decapitated by wrecking ball.
  62. Derpsie Daisy! - Split in half.
  63. Shunned For Fun - Falls out a window (debatable).
  64. Just Cruisin' Around - Smashed by cannonball.
  65. Joining the Trio - Crushed by iceberg.
  66. Plot Twister - Shredded by twister. 
  67. Santa Law - Dies in explosion.
  68. Cape Fear - Dies in explosion.
  69. Big Deal! - Squashed by Petunia.
  70. You Shop, You Drop - Todd smashes through him.
  71. Tail-Tired! - Gets ran over by Taily driving Petunia's car along with Cuddles, Giggles, and Toothy. 
  72. What a Sap - Spine bursts when he falls on wet floor sign. 
  73. You Can't Cats Me - Smashed by front door.
  74. Smell of Victory - Shredded up in a revolving door.
  75. Stake on the Barbie - Throat is slit by a cleaver.
  76. Risen From the Ashes - Impaled on Pierce's quills.
  77. Cymbals of Doom - Head smashed by cymbals.
  78. Road Trippy - Hit in the head by a cactus and forcefully beheaded.
  79. The Dummy's Curse - Crushed by stone blocks.
  80. No More Clowning Around! - Slaughtered (offscreen).
  81. Rushing Time - Decapitated.


  1. Monday Is Awesome April 2012 Calender: Organs and intestines spread out of his body.
  2. Jack and June May 2012 Calender: Head cut off for unknown reason.
  3. Smoochie Flowers: Stung by numerous bees.
  4. Smoochie Water: Eletrocuted by lightning.
  5. Smoochie Seeds: An apple tree grows in his mouth.


Seen on Computer and TV

  1. Stop Stair-ing: Has his arms ripped off.
  2. Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 1 and 2: Attacked by Fireball.
  3. Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 2: (before death) Set on fire.
  4. Voodoo Your Buisness: (All before death): Slapped, impaled by a glass shard, impaled in the eye by a nail, foot cut off by another nail, and split in half.
  5. An Art Craft-y to See: Possibly burnt a bit by the fire.
  6. What's the Motor?: Set on fire (if he is not killed).
  7. Spike Pit: (before death) Impaled on many spikes, (after death) top section of skin cut off by a spike, exposing his brain, and his heart falls out of his chest.
  8. Good Show, Good Snow: Rips his eye out when it is stuck to the ice (with the optic nerve connecting it), and rips the optic nerve when it stretches to the point.
  9. Sting Around the Campfire: (before death) he is set on fire.
  10. Bank You Very Much: Face swoolen by Lumpy's tazer.
  11. Out to Lunch: (Before death) hands bitten, impaled by Pierce's quills.
  12. Suited for Trouble: Tranquilized, run over.
  13. You Camp Handle It: Ear, arms, and leg are cut off.
  14. Sky and By: Decapitated by parachute.
  15. Food Feud: Impaled in the eye by a carrot.
  16. Follow the Light: Hit by vehicles and attacked by alligator.


  1. Playground May 2012 Calender: Arms ripped off by a merry-go-round.
  2. Arms-or Day April 2013 Calender: Arms ripped off.
  3. Stapler Safety May 2012 Calender: Impaled by staples, scissors, and a pencil.
  4. Unnamed wallpaper: Set on fire by a generic tree friend.
  5. Unnamed wallpaper: Ripped in half.
  6. Smoochie Water: (before death) Water floods the screen.
  7. Smoochie Seeds: (after death) Impaled by an apple tree.

Number of Kills

  • Toothy - 1 ("I Pet You Can Do This! Part 1" along with Honey)
  • Sniffles - 1 ("A Hippy Situation")
  • Nutty - 1 ("A Hippy Situation" debatable)
  • Cro-Marmot - 1 ("Shake your Hips")
  • Trippy - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Robo Star - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Superspeed - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Pranky - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Xinx - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Flicky - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Rip - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Howdy - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Sir Gron - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever" debatably)
  • Ava - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Torn - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Ziggles - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Ale - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Fungus - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Rex - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Cheesy - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Buddy - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Fuddles - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Elliott - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Meaty - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Peppery - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Hoppy - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Nippy - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Puffy - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Guddles - 1 ("Better Early Than Ever")
  • Pierce - 2 ("Out to Lunch", "Risen From the Ashes" along with Renee)
  • Licky - 1 ("Out to Lunch")
  • Jack - 1 ("Final Scare" as a zombie)
  • Hardcore - 1 ("Tiny Troubles)
  • Deafy​1 ("Mischef")
  • Generic Tree Friends - 5 ("I've Gotta Bandit to You")


  1. On the Four Days of Welcome DVD, it says that he goes to dentistry from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (an hour).
  2. Hippy's ears are oftenly missing. This usually happens when the base Clamshot is using doesn't have ears and he is too lazy to add them himself.
  3. Hippy is probably good friends with Whiskers, as he is seen on a merry-go-round with him on a promotional image.
  4. In Season 3, his sentence is: His hips bump his hat off to the hills of ham sandwiches!". He is also shown to have a hat fall off with a background showing a hill which is filled with ham sandwiches.
  5. Hippy has had many great Halloweens (as seen in Mall-oween). The costumes he had were:
    • A beaver (when he was seen in this costume, there was a goof where there was an uncolored, white spot)
    • A porcupine
    • A squirrel
    • A raccoon
    • An otter
    • A soldier
    • The Mole
  6. He is one of the many characters to survive their debut roles.
  7. He was originally going to be in Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode in Superspeed's place. Later, Hippy was replaced with Superspeed, and then Superspeed and Trippy switched places.
  8. He is the only character so far who's internet season 7 intro included clips from more than one episode.
  9. He had two early versions:
    1. A Flippy-Sue
    2. He would be completely purple.
  10. He is possibly good friends with Trippy, as he co-starred with him three times (Don't Be Trippy, Hippy, Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar, and I Know You Are, But What Am Eye?).
  11. His survival rate is 47.02%.
  12. In Buried Pleasure, he owns a pawn shop.
  13. He is the first victim of WoolyCryptie, and Stone.
  14. In fan version episodes, he takes place of Russell.
  15. Although his Collect Them All says he has two pets, only one of them is seen in the series, which is Honey.
  16. In Season 13-16, his poster adjectives are: Furry, park-loving bear.
  17. Hippy is the only one who knows Zero's identity, which was revealed to him in Hungry Panic.
  18. He was featured in the WIZ (Who Is Zero) vote. He won the poll, but due to the fact he appeared majorly with Zero as separate tree friends three times, Zero's role was moved to Josh.
  19. He is one of the three most-featured characters on the "Complete Seasons" DVD covers, the others being Josh and Trippy.


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