Hoofcloud is a Creepy Cryptid Friends character.

Could she join the God?


Hoofcloud is a calm and gentle angel pegasus who loves bringing dead tree friends to the heaven. She is sweet, but can be feral when a hell demon or a bully angel teasing her. She is in love with Cupcake (unicorn), despite he's being not from the heaven. When someone faces a fatal death, it is possible that Hoofcloud cannot bring them to heaven, making them become ghosts instead. She often tries to bring people who died to heaven and seems to have an interest in bagpipes.


Featuring Roles


  • You Said Screeeh, I Said Screeew - Eaten alive by a mutated flower.


  • She was adopted from Purplecupcake.
  • She is the only character never to have died in episodes, because she is an angel.
  • It is unknown how she died. However, rumors say she was involved in a car pileup crash.
  • .Theories surround that after a HTFF episode, Hoofcloud picks the dead characters to the heaven.


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