Horns is a fan character who is part of Creepy Cryptid Friends.


Character Bio

Horns is a grayish yellow demon who has two grey horns and lacks a mouth.

Horns is a timid character who wants to help others and be kind, but for one reason or another he fails and bad things happen, making look like an evil character. A common thing to happen is that Horns may stab another character with his horns on accident. Most of the other characters don't like him much to his disdain.

Due to his lack of mouth he is unable to speak, but if someone actually befriends him he is able to uses telepathy to speak with them. He is also very strong as has telekinesis.

 Episode Roles





  1. A Tail Tale - Eaten by Wendy.
  2. Labra-Rinth - Mauled by Floppy's dog.
  3. The Bucking Joke - Beheaded.
  4. Irish You the Best - Head explodes.
  5. My Dog From Hell - Burnt to death.


  1. My Dog From Hell - Burns his hand and cheek.


  • Other - 3 (Cultists in "Pacts Of Kindess")
  • Horseplay - 1 ("The Bucking Joke" along with Cupcake)
  • Shriek - 1 ("Irish You the Best")


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