Gender: Male
Interest(s): Catching bad guys
Sweet smells
Species: Basset hound
Color: Brick red with black markings
Relatives: None
Age: ???
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Savaughn, Otus, Bastion
Enemies/Rivals: The Zebra, Lifty and Shifty
Fungus, Slop, Splendid
Love Interest(s): None
Kill Count: 5
Deaths: 14 (13 from regular episodes)
(1 from HTF Break)
First Appearance: Under Lock and Key
First Victim: Filthy From Law and Odor
First Death: A Crafty Escape
Hound is a HTFF character.


Hound is a brick-red basset hound with black markings who wears a police uniform. As his looks imply, Hound is a police officer and is often used to find criminals by following their scent, thanks to his great sense of smell. Although his sense of smell usually helps him, it's also a downside when he comes across bad smells, or bad smelling characters like Fungus. When he encounters a bad smell, Hound will lose track of anything else and run from the source.

When he's not on the trail of a criminal, Hound is actually very nice and enjoys the company of others. He can even be seen letting children ride on his back. However once he is on the trail of a criminal, he becomes stiff and focused until he catches the criminal or he encounters a bad smell. Hound also hates Splendid, believing he is a nuisance and only gets in the way.

Hound's deaths often involve heavy machinery or beheading.

Episode Roles





  1. A Crafty Escape: Crushed by jail walls. 
  2. Yip Returns- Again: Suffocated by Yip.
  3. Innoscent: Killed by Flippy.
  4. Random's Act of Silence: Suffocates from fart gas.
  5. Caught on Camera: Electrocuted.
  6. By Design: Impaled by Quartz's quills.
  7. Thief Next Door: Split in half.
  8. This Is It: Body parts sliced and died from blood lose.
  9. Trouble with the Trolley: Crushed by a trolley.
  10. Off Camera: Impaled by a firework rocket.
  11. Domain Game System: Smashed by a metal ball.
  12. Not Enough Seats: Possibly died from his unconscious by Lumpy's taser.
  13. Back to Bag: Dismembered. 
  14. Murder Mystery: Bled out after having his neck cut by The Mysterious Kidnapper
  15. Werefox to Intervention - Mauled to death by Riston
  16. Get Rekt! - Shattered to pieces by the broken vase.



Kill count


  1. Hound's uniform is similar to Lumpy's in A Bit of a Pickle.
  2. His Survival Rate is 27.27%.


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