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Howdy is a fan-made character of Happy Tree Friends. He is set to appear as a supporting protagonist in The HTF Movie.

Character Bio

Howdy is a brownish-red coyote. He is a cowboy, who lives in the American Southwest. He wears a cowboy hat and boots, and talks with a western accent. He is often seen in the desert or the edge of the woods, rarely setting foot into urban areas. His favorite hobbies include horseback riding, barbecues, camping and mountain climbing. He also enjoys beer and jerky.

Howdy can be described as an adventurous, feisty, and daring character. He is shown to be quite ignorant at times, which often results in the deaths of others and himself. He usually cheers a big "Yee-haw!" when he succeeds at or gets excited about something.

Howdy's episodes

Starring Roles

  1. Mountain of Trouble
  2. Howdy's Cowboy Smoochie
  3. We are the Camp-ions
  4. Wild West Side
  5. I've Gotta Bandit to You
  6. Are ya Thirsty Pardner?
  7. Sting Around the Campfire
  8. Wherefore art thou Rodeo?
  9. Sweet Tooth Alabama
  10. Cactus Makes Perfect
  11. Country Rock
  12. Back On The Addle
  13. Cowboy Christmas
  14. Wild West Madness
  15. A Mile in My Horseshoes
  16. Mine Your Own Business
  17. The Good and the Badge
  18. Spaghetti Western
  19. You Stoopid American!
  20. Corn on the Rob
  21. Santa Law
  22. Pardners for Life
  23. Shaky Breaky Heart
  24. Weird Weird West
  25. Cactus Kringle
  26. Lasso Kringle
  27. Horse Power
  28. Lives at Steak
  29. Un-Stable Building
  30. A Whole Lot of Bull
  31. New Sheriff In Town
  32. I Don't Give a Boot
  33. After Wild

Featuring Roles

  1. Truffles' Revenge
  2. Warning
  3. Stop Stair-ing
  4. Don't Be Trippy, Hippy
  5. Frisbee Yourself
  6. Better Early Than Ever
  7. You Can't Beach Me
  8. Your Biggest Fan
  9. A ray of Sunshine
  10. Lazy Eyed and Bushy Tailed
  11. Olympic Shames
  12. Mole in One
  13. Monumental Trouble
  14. Switch is Which
  15. Music to My Stomach
  16. Breach Racket Blowout
  17. Sweet Tooth Decay
  18. Lights, Camera, Cut!
  19. Steam-Punked
  20. Southern Fried Tree Friends
  21. Take the Ox by the Horns
  22. Redneckery
  23. Last Roundup
  24. Look Behind You!
  25. Shadow in the Night
  26. Bumps in the Night
  27. TGIF the 13th
  28. I Was an Avian Zombie
  29. Remembering Trippy
  30. Wacky Racer
  31. The Junk in My Trunk
  32. No Quill to Live
  33. Decks to Nothing
  34. Dreams Go Wild
  35. Dancing with Death
  36. Toast to the Most
  37. Scaredy Jack
  38. Hats off to You
  39. Put it On My Billiards
  40. Scammers gonna Scam
  41. Grave Nightmares
  42. Small Colossus
  43. Hunter Hunted
  44. Scammers Gonna Scam II
  45. New Ears Eve
  46. Nothing to Sphere
  47. Diamond in the Rough
  48. Itsy Bitsy Turtles
  49. Pawtobter Special
  50. Whiskey Business
  51. The HTF Clown Killings


  1. The Night of the Dolphin
  2. Brain Dead
  3. Trouble Double Crosser
  4. Sleep Walking on Sunshine
  5. Escalator Haters
  6. Weak-ing Weakness (as a painting)
  7. Scavenger Grunt
  8. Carnage Country
  9. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death
  10. Cheddar to have Loved & Lost
  11. The Nightfall
  12. A Penny for Your Thoughts
  13. Dawn of the Squash
  14. Battle of the Boneheads
  15. Strange Love
  16. Dial L for Lumpy
  17. Catch That Bus
  18. Not-so-Happy Holidays
  19. Dam Building Failure
  20. It's Dynamite!
  21. Lone Moose
  22. The Big Three Oh!
  23. Oh Say, Can You See That Flea?
  24. First and Fort-Most
  25. Dopple-ganger
  26. Teal of the Meal
  27. Pain Drain
  28. Die for an Eye
  29. Random's Sweater
  30. Frier, Frier, Pants on Fire
  31. Water Relief
  32. Horrible Pranks
  33. Trial Ant-ics
  34. Fool Me Once, Fool You Twice
  35. Make a Cake, You Guessed It
  36. Sitting Babies
  37. Number One Fanatics
  38. Hop-py Holidays
  39. Genie Weeny Little Problem
  40. Motor Ride
  41. Happy Anniversary Friends
  42. Don't Flame Me!

HTF Break Roles

  1. Texas Hold Em'
  2. Drinking About You
  3. You Should Drink About It
  4. Back in the Saddle
  5. Get a Long Little Doggy
  6. Cowboy Coffee

Bros to the Most

  1. Big Bully (Ka-Pow!)
  2. Break of the Platypi (Ka-Pow!)



  1. Mountain of Trouble - Falls down a mountain and crushed by a rock
  2. Smoochie option 1 - Hung by his lasso rope
  3. Smoochie option 2 - Shot in the eyes with cork guns
  4. Smoochie option 3 - Killed by mechanical bull
  5. Truffles' Revenge - blown apart by bullets
  6. Warning - Dies in an explosion.
  7. The Night of the Dolphin - Swallowed by a killer whale
  8. Brain Dead - Burnt to death (debatable, because he twitches)
  9. Trouble Double Crosser - Dies in a fight.
  10. Stop Stair-ing - A horse kicks his head off.
  11. We are the Camp-ions - Stabbed by one of Flaky's quills by Nippy.
  12. Break of the Platypi - Suffocated when covered in smoke for a long amount of time.
  13. Big Bully - Dies of blood loss after being impaled by Pierce's quills.
  14. Texas Hold Em' - Head sliced by poker cards.
  15. Scavenger Grunt - Seen dead on the ground (death not seen)
  16. Better Early Than Ever - Sliced by paper.
  17. I've Gotta Bandit to You - Crushed by a train.
  18. Carnage Country - Killed in a firey explosion.
  19. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death - Has his lower torso blown to bits by his gun.
  20. You Can't Beach Me - Splattered by shooting water.
  21. Lazy Eyed and Bushy Tailed - Impaled by horseshoe.
  22. Your Biggest Fan - Splattered into Gutsy.
  23. Wherefore art thou Rodeo? - Impaled by one of Perry's horns.
  24. Olympic Shames - Trampled by horse.
  25. Cheddar to have Loved & Lost - Flattened by cheese wheel.
  26. Drinking About You - Crushed by roof of bar.
  27. Mole in One - Ball hits his skull.
  28. The Nightfall - Soul consumed by Ruutu.
  29. Monumental Trouble - Eaten by a totem pole brought to life.
  30. Cactus Makes Perfect - Eaten by vultures.
  31. Music to My Stomach - Impaled by bottle.
  32. Breach Racket Blowout - Dies in explosion.
  33. Dawn of the Squash - Eaten by jack-o-zombies.
  34. Sweet Tooth Decay - Dies in explosion, zombie self sucked into vaccum.
  35. Country Rock - Possibly succumbs to blood loss (debatable).
  36. Lights, Camera, Cut! - Killed by Flippy.
  37. Back On The Addle - Trampled to death.
  38. Steam-Punked - Shot by Robo Star.
  39. Cowboy Christmas - Impaled by tip of Christmas tree.
  40. Wild West Madness - Rips his skull out.
  41. It's Dynamite! - Killed when the diner explodes.
  42. Lone Moose - Killed by torpedo.
  43. The Big Three Oh! - Killed by Flippy's bomb.
  44. A Mile in My Horseshoes - Forced into cement mixer or suffocated in cement.
  45. Southern Fried Tree Friends - Impaled by chicken drumsticks.
  46. Mine Your Own Business - Pierced by cactus needles.
  47. Take the Ox by the Horns - Pierced by Flaky's quills.
  48. The Good and the Badge - Decapitated by bobblehead spring.
  49. Spaghetti Western - Pierced by a fork.
  50. You Stoopid American! - Crushed when resturant falls on him.
  51. Last Roundup - Kicked and beheaded by bronco.
  52. Look Behind You! - Attacked by Count Trunkula.
  53. Shadow in the Night - Slammed into streetlight pole.
  54. Bumps in the Night - Burns to death.
  55. TGIF the 13th - Killed by Jason.
  56. I Was an Avian Zombie - Impaled by Pointy's beak.
  57. Wacky Racer - Killed when his car explodes.
  58. Santa Law - Dies in explosion.
  59. Pardners for Life - Ran over by train.
  60. The Junk in My Trunk - Hit by a truck.
  61. Shaky Breaky Heart: Blown up by soda can.
  62. Weird Weird West - Dies of blood loss.
  63. Cactus Kringle - Christmas tree star hits him in the head.
  64. Lasso Kringle - Crushed by Santa Claus.
  65. Horse Power - Splatters into brick wall.
  66. Random's Sweater - Falls down an elevator.
  67. No Quill to Live - Impaled by cactus needles.
  68. Toast to the Most - Mauled by Yip.
  69. Un-Stable Building - Crushed by pillar.
  70. Scaredy Jack - Shot by popcorn kernels.
  71. Hats off to You - Scalped by Burnett
  72. Put it On My Billiards - Impaled through the mouth by a beer bottle.
  73. A Whole Lot of Bull -  Splattered by a tree.
  74. Grave Nightmares - Mauled by Blake
  75. Horrible Pranks - Ran over by Lumpy
  76. Hunter Hunted - Impaled by the bull's horn.
  77. Scammers Gonna Scam II - Ran over by Blake
  78. Trial Ant-ics - Impaled by flaming bones.
  79. Nothing to Sphere - Set aflame.
  80. I Don't Give a Boot - Impaled by cactus needles.
  81. Number One Fanatics - Crushed by steam engine.
  82. You Should Drink About It - Skull broke apart.
  83. Genie Weeny Little Problem - Cut in half by a quarter pipe.
  84. Diamond in the Rough - Skewered by a stick.
  85. Itsy Bitsy Turtles - Killed in explosion.
  86. Cowboy Coffee - Smashed in the head by coffee pot. 
  87. Whiskey Business - Crushed by a boulder.
  88. Happy Anniversary Friends -  Crushed by his own horse.
  89. Don't Flame Me! - Set ablaze when exposed to a lit match, and soon dies when oil is spilled all over the camp.


  1. Round Em' Up - (If you lose) Impaled on a bull's horn.


  1. Brain Dead - Severely burnt (if not killed)
  2. We are the Camp-ions - Before death: attacked by a bear and stung by hornets.
  3. Big Bully - Arm cut off by rope and impaled by Pierce's quills.
  4. Frisbee Yourself - Leg cut off by frisbee.
  5. Sting Around the Campfire - Arm sliced off by guitar string.
  6. Cactus Makes Perfect - Cut severely by cacti.
  7. Country Rock - Slices off his arm with guitar strings.
  8. You Stoopid American! - Arm broken by Pierre.
  9. Weird Weird West - Runs into a cactus and trips over many rocks.
  10. Lives at Steak - His feet get shredded on the ground.
  11. Make a Cake, You Guessed It - Thrown into ground by Magmo.
  12. New Ears Eve - Pierced by shards of bottle glass.
  13. I Don't Give a Boot - Stung by Poisonly and steps in a fire.
  14. You Should Drink About It - His eyes get etched by a liquid.
  15. After Wild - Thrown away by ghost snakes, broke his leg, beaten by Poachy who later shot his broken leg and involved inside the chase.
  16. Hop-py Holidays - Arms ripped off.
  17. Cowboy Coffee - Hands are burnt by steam.
  18. Don't Flame Me! - Catches on fire when exposed to a lit match.


  1. 2012 Sheriff Wallpaper - Impaled with a sheriff badge.
  2. Round Em' Up - Injured by snakes, scorpions, and cacti.

Number of Kills

  • Cuddles - 1 ("Lives at Steak")
  • Flaky - 1 ("Take the Ox by the Horns" along with Mass)
  • Russell - 1 ("Battle of the Boneheads")
  • Lifty - 2 ("I've Gotta Bandit to You", "Spaghetti Western")
  • Shifty - 2 ("I've Gotta Bandit to You", "Spaghetti Western")
  • Robo Star - 2 ("Warning", Lights, Camera, Cut!" along with Russell)
  • Trippy: 4 ("We are the Camp-ions" along with the grizzly bear, "Wild West Side", "Cactus Makes Perfect" along with vultures, Toast to the Most)
  • Fungus: 1 ("We are the Camp-ions" along with the grizzly bear)
  • Superspeed: 2 ("We are the Camp-ions", "Wild West Side")
  • Pierce: 1 ("Big Bully")
  • Puffy - 1 ("Wild West Side")
  • Gutsy - 1 ("Wild West Side")
  • Flicky - 1 ("Wild West Side")
  • Mia - 1 ("Scavenger Grunt")
  • Perry - 1 ("Wherefore art thou Rodeo?")
  • Willy - 1 ("Drinking About You")
  • Clam - 1 ("Breach Racket Blowout")
  • Ale - 1 ("Strange Love")
  • Josh - 1 ("Lights, Camera, Cut!")
  • Zekey - 1 ("Wild West Madness")
  • Double A - 1 ("First and Fort-Most" along with Russell)
  • Eary - 1 ("The Good and the Badge")
  • Squabbles - 1 ("Spaghetti Western")
  • Cacti - 1 ("Cactus Kringle")
  • Cast - 1 ("Lives at Steak")
  • Vanilla - 1 ("Lives at Steak")
  • Nimbus - 1 ("New Ears Eve")
  • Snoozy - 1 ("Genie Weeny Little Problem")
  • Generic Tree Friends - +3 ("Warning", "I've Gotta Bandit to You", "Itsy Bitsy Turtles")
  • Weenie - 1 ("Get a Long Little Doggy")
  • Flippy - 1 ("Diamond in the Rough" along with Diamond)
  • Hedgey - 1 ("Itsy Bitsy Turtles")
  • Drowsy -1 ("Itsy Bitsy Turtles")
  • Speed - 1 ("Itsy Bitsy Turtles" along with Walter)
  • Tappy - 1 ("Whiskey Business")
  • Yeehaw - 1 ("Whiskey Business")
  • Sanity - 1 ("The HTF Clown Killings")


  • He is the first character created by user Lord O' Darkness.
  • He is inspired by the creator's liking of country music, barbecues, and the outdoors.
  • Trippy is his most frequent victim.
  • As shown in Dam Building Failure, he has a log cabin in the woods.
  • He is shown to have a rivalry against Russell, due to the debate of cowboys vs. pirates. He also hates Pierre, referencing the French people hate Americans stereotype.
  • Howdy's teeth can change from sharp to normal.
  • At one point, he was meant to be a Western outlaw/bandit.
  • His survival rate is 35.07%.
  • After Howdy's 50th death (in You Stoopid American!) a DVD called Howdy, Partner!  was released to pay tribute to him.
  • In early episodes, his boots were the same color as his hat. Later they changed to a darker brown. His snout and hat would also change later in the series; the former being slightly shrunken and the latter changing color.
    • In 2020. his clothes were changed. He wears a different hat and belt, darker boots, a jacket and a bandana over his neck.
  • It was confirmed in 2018 that he is from Texas.


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