Howdy, Partner!
 (also called Howdy, Pardner!) is a DVD which includes Howdy's most popular episodes, including all his starring roles. It was released after his 50th death in the series.


  1. Mountain of Trouble
  2. We are the Camp-ions
  3. Wild West Side
  4. I've Gotta Bandit to You
  5. Are ya Thirsty Pardner?
  6. Sting Around the Campfire
  7. Wherefore art thou Rodeo?
  8. Sweet Tooth Alabama
  9. Cactus Makes Perfect
  10. Country Rock
  11. Back On The Addle
  12. Wild West Madness
  13. A Mile in My Horseshoes
  14. Mine Your Own Business
  15. The Good and the Badge
  16. Spaghetti Western
  17. You Stoopid American!
  18. Warning
  19. Stop Stair-ing
  20. A ray of Sunshine
  21. Olympic Shames
  22. Mole in One
  23. Switch is Which
  24. Breach Racket Blowout
  25. Lights, Camera, Cut!
  26. Steam-Punked
  27. Southern Fried Tree Friends
  28. Take the Ox by the Horns
  29. Texas Hold Em'
  30. Drinking About You

Special Features


  • He is the third character to have his own DVD. The first is Josh and secondth is Toad.
  • Howdy's 50th death occured in You Stoopid American!.
  • According to the commentary, Howdy could have either been born in Texas, Alabama, or Montana. 
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