Ice Adventure is an upcoming Flash game created by Anaajimura.



  • Lucario (party leader)
  • TBA


The story begins with Lucario and his sibings, cousins (and Splendont's children Oircaul and Mikotsu) and their uncles Alex and Daryl at an iceberg. Oiracul questions how they ended up at the iceberg. Meloella answers that it's because of an orca who attacked their ship, which annoys Daryl, then Alex questions Daryl if he recognizes the orca attacking their ship before the start of game. The latter nods then tells that he met the orca when he lived with his adopted sibings (as seen in Willam and the Great Blue Kingdom). Suddenly, they are surprised by an orca (a humanoid). Acro says to Daryl that he's glad to see him, but Daryl warns him to not touch his family. Acro say that himself finsh it all, Alex and Daryl break the iceberg in half. Lucario scream at Daryl who talk to them protect themselves, as the iceberg walks. Oiralu tell at everyone that they arrive in land, but. the screams are heared, (which are Alex and Daryl who lost and being hurted by Arco.) the party runs and tires ingore it. Lucario question why it all happened and Oiralu hugs him answered that his uncles had no other choice to save them, Lucario cries. but Oiralu tell to him that it not is his fault and everbody will survive

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