Ice Pack
Ice pack
Name Ice Pack
Gender Male
Interests Cool temperature
Species Polar bear
Color Tan
Size Medium
Kill Count 5
Death Count 5
First Appearance The Job with a Slob
First Victim Disco Bear (Broke the Prize)
First Death Broke the Prize

Ice Pack is a HTFF Character.

Character Bio

Ice Pack is a polar bear who is tan except for his torso and around his eyes. He also wears a bag of ice on his head.

No matter where he is, Ice Pack always feels hot and tries anything possible to cool off, usually bringing deadly consequences for others. People may also slip over the trails of ice his bag leaves behind.

With a fear of global warming, Ice Pack has prepared himself for what he believes is an upcoming apocalypse. His home is filled with flotation devices and scuba gear for in case the sea levels rise. He is known to go around warning people about the calamity and telling them to follow his advice.



  • TBA




  1. Broke the Prize - Shredded by Fizzles.
  2. Iced Kappa - Ran over by Sniffles.
  3. An Inconceivable Truth - Frozen solid.
  4. Spice and Ice - Frozen solid.
  5. I'm On Tiger - Upper half crushed by an umbrella.


  • Disco Bear - 1 ("Broke the Prize" along with Fizzles)
  • Kibble - 1 ("Broke the Prize" along with Fizzles)
  • Russell - 1 ("Broke the Prize" along with Fizzles)
  • Caffeine - 1 ("Iced Kappa" along with Sniffles)
  • Jazz - 1 ("Iced Kappa")


  • He is one of LOD's display characters who was given a page and permission for use.
  • He always leaves the air conditioning on, ironically wasting energy and in turn contributing to global warming.
  • He is friends with Stone and Scoopy because of their shared interests in the environment.
  • After Frostbite, he is the creator's second polar bear character.


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