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Iclyn (pronounced as Ice-Lyn) is a character of Creepy Cryptid Friends.


Iclyn is a light blue wyvern who is always get cold and overreacting to something. Unlike dragons, Iclyn, as a wyvern has a pair of wings instead of arms. There're also ice crystals on her head into her tail.


Iclyn is a very emotional person and overreacting over something even it's small. She easily cry, disgust and angry towards something. She can be an ego and snobbish sometimes. Iclyn seems having a huge hatred towards something hot and warm. She also cares about perfection, especially with her ice crystals.

Iclyn having troubles when she is under the sun and heat since she came from the cold and frosty place. She also hates towards something related to fire as the fire would "weaken" her but the fire quickly vanished and weakened fire-based characters.

Even though she originally from cold place, Iclyn easily get cold and sneezes. This causes the temperature inside the area massively decreases. Her sneezes also can directly freeze something. This gone worse whenever she begin overreacting. The water also will slowly freezing when she's nearby and will instantly freezes when she sneezes directly towards it.






  1. Have the Notes - Eaten by Ness.
  2. My Dog From Hell - Burnt to death.


Kill count


  • Iclyn is a second wyvern is the HTFF along with Ember and the first wyvern in CCF.
  • Iclyn ironically is a hot-tempered when something bothers her a lot.
  • Iclyn's design is basically inspired from Spicy's new design.
    • Both of them are also literally opposite as Iclyn is a ice wyvern who is more into cold and dislikes heat meanwhile Spicy is a fire dragon who loves spicy foods and dislikes anything cold. 


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