Scales is hiking in a rainforest with Puffy and Toothy, then Scales takes an idol, but it causes a rain of dead monkeys and creates a crack. Scales, Toothy, and Puffy run, but Toothy trips and falls into the crack. Scales and Puffy see flesh-eating flowers. Scales and Puffy continue to run. Scales makes it out alive, but Puffy got eaten by the flowers. Scales sees a boat and hops onto it. The boat driver, Nutty, sails off. Flippy, who is mopping, gets his legs stuck and his guts pulled out. Wooly sees an iceberg, but that's a part of Superspeed's drink. The idol kills Wooly by getting him impaled by his telescope and stabs Superspeed's eye. Then, the boat sinks. Scales survived, so he takes the idol to the museum, but the crack follows him. He then jumps on a safe place, but gets ripped in half. The idol falls down on another safe place, then the screen breaks.


Step on a crack, break your mother's back.


  • Toothy falls into the crack.
  • Puffy is eaten alive.
  • Wooly is stabbed by his telescope.
  • Superspeed is stabbed in the eye.
  • Nutty and Flippy die when the boat sinks.
  • Scales is ripped in half.
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