Idyemyhairpink33 is a DVD that has the debuts of many of his characters.


  • Hunter Season (Poachy, Hornless)
  • Exit to the Tree Shop (Raymond)
  • Your Creeper Me Out (Steve)
  • The Random Show (Random)
  • Cass of the Poachers (The Cassowary)
  • Yeah, Babies! (Kid)
  • Turning Over a New Leash (Baldwin, Abby in a regular episode)
  • None You Can Eat (Happy and Crappy)

Bonus direct to DVD episodes

  • Jerkish Rambo (Cruelty)
  • Mis-Stake (Roundnose)

Bonus features

  • HTF Break: An unnamed Break with mushrooms (Boomarang)
  • CTAs for Raymond and Random
  • Commentary
  • Deleted scenes
  • Giant pull out poster
  • Plushies of Raymond, Random and Kid

Additional deaths

  • On the cover, Kid is eaten by a shark. Happy's head explodes.
  • On the disc, Crappy is stabbed in the brain by a flaming pinecone.
  • In the special features menu, Abby drowns in a water bowl. Poachy's neck is twisted.

Additional injuries

  • On the cover, two seals use Random as a ball and Raymond is hit by a baseball.
  • On the back, The Cassowary has a black eye.
  • On the disc, Hornless trips over a rock.
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