"In the Air Tonight" is a fan-made Love Bite.


In a night out on the city, Starlight and Diamond are walking, holding hands. As the wind starts to get stronger, Starlight's cape starts flapping, as well as the bottom of Diamond's dress. The two manage to head to the bus stop, despite the heavy winds. Diamond seems to unknowingly be standing on an air vent. The air vent turns on and Diamond's dress begins to blow with the wind. Starlight and Diamond laugh until the winds get stronger. Diamond grabs onto her dress and is blown in the wind, with her dress acting as a paraglider, she is blown until she hits a telephone wire and is brutally electrocuted, much to the horror of Starlight.

Ending tag

"I need time to vent about how things are going."


  • Diamond is brutally electrocuted.
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