Insult to Injury is a HTF Fanon episode.

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Flaky and Flippy are at the airport thogether, waiting for Flippy's plane to arrive. As they wait, Lumpy rushes into the airport, pushing a large cart of suitcases. Not watching where he is going, Lumpy rams into Flaky and runs her over. As Lumpy runs off, Flippy screams at the sight of Flaky's maimed body. this sight makes Flippy start to flip out but he rembers Flaky is still hurt and stops.

Relising he has to go away, Flippy calls for help. Soon Josh arrives with a wheelchair and Flippy thanks him, before heading off. Josh carefuly puts Flaky in the wheelchair. Flaky weakly thanks Josh as he wheels her away. As soon as they leave the airport, the two run into Jerky who spots Flaky and starts laughing. Josh scowls at Jerky and tells him to stop, but Jerky doesnt. Angry at this, Josh lets go of Flaky's wheelchair and goes up to Jerky. As Josh yells at Jerky, Nutty runs by and hits Flaky.

Nutty gasps as Flaky begins rolling down a hill, and he goes to help her only to spot a vending machine and forget about her. Luckily Flaky screams and Josh hears this, so he looks over and spots Fllaky in danger. Josh screams and runs after Flaky. Josh somehow manages to catch up to Flaky and grabs the back of the wheel chair, unfortunatly the wheelchair comes to a ubrupt stop and Flaky goes flying, her quills becoming stuck in the chair and getting ripped out of her back. Josh watches in horror as Flaky goes flying and lands on Injury, crushing him and rolling his chair into traffic where it and Flaky are hit by a truck.

Josh sees all this and quickly runs away.


  1. Injury is crushed by Flaky.
  2. Flaky is hit by a truck.
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