Iris is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Iris is a purple snail who wears a dark purple beret and dress with paint stains. She is blind as a result of having her eyestalks amputated. Instead, she wears a blindfold around her head with two eyes drawn on them. Her "eyes" can inexplicably change expression between frames (similar to Emojie's mask).

She is an artist, and despite her lack of vision, her art pieces are stunning and some have even sold for large sums of money and are now displayed in museums. She tends to keep overspending her money on more art supplies, but can have a bit of trouble locating the art store and ends up buying other things by mistake.

Art thieves may target her because of her condition, but she still often manages to evade their schemes. This is because she also appears to have extra senses; able to sense the presence of other people of objects in her path and even psychic vision of future events. That said, she doesn't know the exact identity of who or what comes into contact with her.



Kill count

  • Nabby - 1 ("An Eye for Detail")


  • She is smaller in size like her siblings Escargeaux and Slimy.
  • It is uknown how exactly she lost her eyes, though it is rumored to have been a salting accident.


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