Isra is a fanon character of Happy Tree Friends.


Isra is a small Siamese cat who appears to be Daphne's pet. He is always spoiled by his owner and become a spoiled cat. He appears to be a tsundere just like his owner, he is very tsuntsun toward Daphne's friends and family while deredere toward her.

Isra doesn't get along with other pets and strangers, usually he is scratching their faces whenever met them. While seems bit friendly to his owner's friends, Isra is actually on very bad terms with Mix and always scratching his face whenever he is near Daphne. Isra usually stays at house at daytime, while wanders around the town at night time.

Despite being a "normal" feral cat, Isra is actually quite intelligent cat and he knows what to do next, whether it is to hurt someone for gaining his advantages or his owner's attentions.


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  • He is usually played as appearances or cameo roles, but there is very rare times where he is played as starring role instead.
  • Despite his size, his claws is really sharp as knives.
  • He likes to eat any kind of meats, but chicken.
  • He loves scratching on couch and dolls.
  • His name means "nocturnal journey" from Arabic.
  • Like real-life Siamese cats, Isra has blue eyes.
  • He does not like Daphne bring other cats and will scratching them.
  • Because of his name, most people often mistake him as "female" and thus, the creator makes a joke on how male cats can get attracted by his "feminine" appearance.


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