It all Adds Up is a HTF Fanon episode.
Adds up

Atlas finds someone.






Atlas and Josh have lunch at the park with Sniffles, and the trio talk about the earth. At this time, Angles walks by and Atlas stares at her lovingly. Josh and Sniffles tell Atlas to go get her, but Atlas claims he can't. Stacy then arrives and hands Josh his hat, making everyone relise Josh wasn't wearing it. Josh hugs Stacy before she leaves. Getting an idea, Atlas asks Josh to help him ask out Angles. Josh thinks for a moment and accepts. Later, Josh and Atlas stand a little away from Angles' home and Josh hands Atlas some flowers before telling him to just go over to the door, ring the bell and wait.

Atlas does just this, but just as he rings the doorbell, several bees fly down from a hive on Angles home and land on the flowers, freaking Atlas out and making throw the flowers and run. Josh sighs and chases after Atlas, just as Angles opens her door. At this same time, the flowers land by Wilt, and he picks them up to smell them, only for the bees to fly out and attack him, making him run away.

Later, Angles is seen exiting the school after finishing teaching class. From behind a bush, Josh tells Atlas to just go up to Angles and talk to her, but Atlas refuses to do so, getting Josh to push him out from behind the bush and into Angles.  Angles greets Atlas, but Atlas gets nervous and pukes, making Giggles slip as she runs past. Embarrassed, Atlas prepares to run, but Angles tells him to calm down, and tells him how she feels. hearing she likes him, Atlas calms down and Josh walks from out of the bush and pats Atlas on the back before helping Giggles up.

Just as all seems well, Handy, who is fixing the sign above the school, accidently hammers the wrong spot and the sign swings downwards, decapatating the group below. Atlas' head then flys in a window and hits a globe, knocking it off and replacing it. Lumpy points to the "globe" but upon finding it to be Atlas's head he and he screams along with his class.

The episode ends with Wilt running past the school and slipping on puke.


  1. Atlas, Josh, Giggles and Angles are decapated by a sign.


  1. Wilt is stung by bees and slips on puke.
  2. Giggles slips on puke.


  1. Cuddles, Elliott, Mime and Shepard are seen is Lumpy's class, however only Cuddles screams.
  • Mime also screams but he remains silent.
  • Elliott is asleep.
  • Shepard begins luaghing.
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