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JD Winkerman (aka The Winkster) is fan character created by TheCoolWikiDude.  


He is a brown and dark brown skunk. He wears glasses and a watch on his right hand. However unlike the other skunks in the HTF fanon universe, JD Winkerman is an unscented skunk. Whenever he helps someone, he gets funky. He has Aspergers syndrome and ADHD. He is a Cuddles-sue as he is sometimes up to mischief.




  • JD Winkerman is heavily based on his creator TheCoolWikiDude.
  • He is good friends with the standard canon characters of Happy Tree Friends.
  • The Winkster rarely dies because he is more aware of the danger around him.
  • His first kill was Fungus. This is due to the fact that he kills anyone who bugs him, needs someone to kill, or if someone needs help killing.
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