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Jackson is a fanon character who lost Vote or Die to Silhouette.


Character Bio

Jackson is a purple jackalope, a mythical creature said to resemble a rabbit with antlers. He possesses many magical powers, which include flying, invisibility, and shapeshifting.

Almost nobody is aware that Jackson's species even exists, and he likes it that way. One of the few people who do know about Jackson is Cryptie, thanks to his specialized goggles.

Other than significant roles in Jackalope Attackalope and Old or New (Parts 1 and 2), he only makes cameo appearances in episodes involving Silhouette.



  • He will often make cameos in episodes with Silhouette.
    • Despite losing the poll, he has had one starring role (Jackalope Attackalope). He was originally meant to be a main character after this, but his creator later decided to have him remain as a cameo.
  • He is the first jackalope in the series.
  • He was at point given away to another user, but was given back.