Jacky is an HTFF Character


Character Bio

Jacky is a pink colored cat with one pupil being faced the wrong way.

Jacky is rather plain and very normal for a character, with nothing about her truly standing out except for one thing. Jacky loves toys of all sorts, but her favorites are the simple classics like toy robots, hula-hoops or jacks. She loves these things and may collect them, but she never goes crazy for them and rarely will she put herself or others in harms way for a toy unless its something she really wants or is really rare.

Jacky can also be sort of compared to Toothy as before her revamp, she was pretty much just a stand in character and still is to a point. She has many interests and can be seen doing many things, but toys still top all of them so the places she can be seen most are the toy shop or the play ground.


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  • Ahoy: 1 ("Ahoy, Me Mateys")


  1. Wake up and Shake up: Crushed by a tree.
  2. Jam the works: Cooked in an oven.
  3. Rainy Daze: Ran over.
  4. Pipe Dream: Impaled on by a pipe
  5. Bruise Cruise: Impaled on a umbrella
  6. Stick with me: Impaled by a stick
  7. Scream Girls: Beheaded by a footrest
  8. Let The Bodies Hit The Floral: Impaled on a rake
  9. Wacky Racer - Killed when blimp crashes.
  10. Butting In - Face sliced off and then she's sliced in half.
  11. Toy Meets Girl - Stabbed in the back of a head with a tea pot spout.
  12. You're Fyred - Burns to death.
  13. Dolly Dearest - Head crushed by a water cooler.
  14. Full of Flippers - Cut in half by an umbrella.


  • In college, she was homecoming queen with both Buck and Chuck. 
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