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"Jagged Little Kill" is a HTFF episode, following the events after She Combined Me with Science.


Lab Rat is feeling more bloodthirsty and anger-induced than ever before. Now that they believe they are a freak of nature, he starts up an experiment on Seafoam by turning her into a cat/fish hybrid. Suddenly, he hears a knock at the door, and tells that the next victim (Squabbles) is off the hook. Squabbles cheers until the fish Seafoam flops up above and knocks off a bowling ball on the shelf that crushes Squabbles's head.

Lab Rat answers the door, and sees Uncle Jagger, closing his eyes asking where he put the girls as he has come to pick them up. He then opens his eyes and sees Lab Rat with the body of his ex-wife. This causes him to freak out as he backs away. Lab Rat does not know why he is so scared. He then notices the bodies of Diamond and Paws and takes them back to his lab, where he manages to revive them by taking out the hearts that got shot and replaces them with pig hearts. Uncle Jagger is knocking again, but as Lab Rat is afraid he will get noticed, tries to think of an idea. He spots Squabbles's body, and off-camera, skins the body.

Lab Rat than approaches Uncle Jagger, who is still wondering where his girls are. The two girls go outside and hug Jagger, but then they spot a mud puddle and have the urge to jump in and roll around. Suddenly, the fish Seafoam can be seen flopping around, which starts to blow Lab Rat's disguise, exposing them to Jagger. Jagger is then afraid that his wife is back to haunt him. He pulls out a gun as Lab Rat tries to explain what happened, when suddenly Jagger's locket falls out of his pocket. It opens with a picture of Aunt Chilly and another female he dated. Jagger says her name was Jerry Jagger and then tells the story of what happened.

The flashback begins right after Paws was being taken away, after Mr. and Mrs. Davis revealed they can not take care of her. As they drove away, Paws is shown crying because she will not be able to see her sister again when they get home. Uncle Jagger tried to calm her down by giving Paws her doll that she hugged. Jerry was already stressed by her, then decided to smoke a cigar instead. This started to make Paws cough rapidly, so Jagger gave her an inhaler and told her not to do that. Paws's stomach growled as she was hungry. Jerry decided to give her cheeseburger. Paws ate it, but made her sick to her stomach. Jagger gave her an allergy pen. He started to scold her, and decided that maybe they should see a movie. Jerry agreed and said under her voice that this is all they should do as it would be less parent work. Jagger slapped Jerry for this.

At the cinemas, they were watching a Buddhist Monkey film. The film has Buddhist Monkey and his master in the fight. Aunt Jerry said that she needs Paws to help her tie her shoe as she dragged her away from the screen. While this was going on, in the movie Sensei Orangutan is shown to have been killed, and Aunt Jerry was purposefully not letting Paws see it. Uncle Jagger realized this and growled.

Outside, Jagger was scolding Jerry, as Jerry revealed that she thought the child is obviously stupid and it was best to pretend the world is perfect for her and death will never happen. All of a sudden, Poachy came by and grabbed her by the collar, then began knifing her. Both Paws and Jagger watched the brutal display. Paws began tearing up, and so did Jagger. He then decided it is best he toughens his new daughter up so she is ready for the world.

Cut to the present day, Paws confirms all of this happened but then realizes she is eating slop and begins to cough it up. Lab Rat reveals to have felt sorry and decides to vow they will not be so cruel and offer Jagger to be a lab assistant as they flirt with Jagger. Suddenly, Aunt Chilly comes up, sees this, and gets outraged, as she freezes Lab Rat and slaps Jagger, then tells them to meet her in the car. As she walks away, Diamond and Paws follow.


" Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not the muscles."


  • Squabbles's head is crushed by a bowling ball,
  • Seafoam may have died from dehydration. (debatable)
  • Sensei Orangutan is murdered in the movie.
  • Aunt Jerry was murdered by Poachy. (permanent)


  • The title is a reference to the Alanis Morisette's famous album, Jagged Little Pill.
  • This marks a rare occurrence where Buddhist Monkey makes an appearance via non-archived footage.
  • Animation from The Missing Lynxes is reused (when Paws was taken away).
  • Lab Rat will start to be less insane (still has their moments though) from now on.
    • Although the pig hearts with Paws and Diamond are not a permanent and they will be back to normal in their next episode.
  • Paws is revealed to have asthma and lactose intolerance.