Janie is a butterfly-winged poodle/squirrel and Sugar's friend. She is white/magenta and wears an assemble of light blue shirt, pink jumper top, and a white belt. She has a crush on Nutty and hates to be called Lollipop. Janie is a best friend of Giggles, and another friend of Cuddles, Handy, Petunia, Lammy, and Sniffles.

Janie's House

Janie has a cute bed which is paw-shaped with pastel colors. Her alarm clock is also paw-shaped which rings like a real alarm clock. Her closet is also paw-shaped. Her bedroom and bathroom are shaped like paws, her living room is shaped like hearts and stars, while her kitchen and garden appears to be a lightly mixed up candy patterns (not with light blue and pink patterns).

Differences Between Janie And Nutty

  • Janie is also a squirrel, but has poodle hair and tail.
  • She has clothing, while Nutty has candies as his clothing.
  • She does not have a candy eye.
  • Janie's jittering involves her jumping around while Nutty jitters in a funny style.
  • Her house is shaped like a butterfly, while Nutty's is a treehouse with candy patterns.
  • Janie has no jittering voice, because she is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.