Jen-Jen Battle Clothes
Gender: Female
Interest(s): Unknown
Species: Human
Color: Tan
Relatives: Annie (sister)
Age: 13
Size: A lot taller than common tree friends.
Friends/Allies: Ginny and Homer
Enemies/Rivals: Sir Emily Chaotic
Evil Flippy
Love Interest(s): Unknown
Kill Count: TBA
Deaths: TBA TBA
First Appearance: Four of a Kind
First Victim: TBA TBA
First Death: TBA

Character Bio

Jen-Jen is a 13 year old human girl who has a secret related to the tree friends. She gave them the power to transform themselves into powerful creatures from different levels. She also appeared in Happy Tree Friends: Worlds Collide! where she battles Zombie-Flaky as a cameo in Zombiepalooza!.

Battle Mode

When a tree friend grows extremely huge and hazardous, Jen-Jen transforms. If the tree friends transform, she gets her bike. In Four of a Kind, Jen-Jen's battle outfit looks like pink tights, but in all the other episodes she has black tights. When all tree friends level up to the 3rd level, Jen-Jen transforms as well as wearing a helmet with colorful patterns, a blue spotty vest, gloves, pink boots, red pants and the same black tights.


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