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Jerky is a fan character.


Jerky is a red fat pig. He is well known for being... well a 'jerk', hence his name. He is evil, sadistic, insulting, scamming and also sometimes joins in with Double A's raps. He hates being called "fat" or "lazy". He hates mimes, blind people, dumb people, nerds, cowards, crybabies, candyholics, amputated characters, mentally unstable (OCD, PTSD or whatever) characters and even pirates.

He is by far much worse than other bullies in terms of personality. Unlike most bullies who pick on nerds and wimps, Jerky picks on virtually everybody. He is occasionally seen with evil characters, such as Devious. But legends say he is even more evil than them.

He has one of the lowest survival rates of all characters. The only episodes he survived in so far were You've Got Mail!Alliance of Anger (debatable), Origin of a Bully (dies in its second part), Weasel Stompin' DayOver the Coll-edgeWhat Will it Cost-umeThe Dead Music GoSave your Bacon, Pace Out and A Jynx Into Past Events.


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  • Some HTFs are thinking of roasting him for a Hawaiian luau.
  • He has a big number of insults to Tree Friends:


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