Jojo is a fan character.


Jojo is a mixture of blue and gray cat that was created by a DeviantART member, FlappyIsKitten.

Jojo is a kind-hearted gal that cares for others rather than herself, mostly towards children. She loves children dearly like Cub even though she is his babysitter whenever Pop leaves to do errands or go bowling. She cares for Cub like a little brother she never had.

Occupation and careers

  • Verified UWU Gang Member
  • Cub's babysitter and waitress (current)


  • Flippy: Love interest
  • Poppy: Best friend
  • Pabu: Best friend
  • Krazy: Best friend
  • Skylar: Best friend
  • Quacky: Best friend
  • Stingy: Best friend
  • Blueberry: Best friend
  • Roy: Love interest


  1. Run over by a car.


Jojo has grown like anyone else lived a happy humble life, until her mother passed away from brain cancer, her father has taken it harder and affected his relationship with his daughter, Jojo had to move with her father since she knew he won't be able to take care of himself with this kind of behavior, Jojo had to get a job to help her and her father to live under a roof for the rest of their lives. She's pretty much responsible for her father and herself, she still loves her father even if he doesn't say much or rarely makes eye contact with her, after living for so long where her and her family lived she has decided to move to a different town, she had packed everything they needed for their new home and a fresh start.

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