Joy is a fan character of HTFF


Joy is a dark red bat who is the older sister of Axl. She was born with the ability to see others as they would be in alternate universes but after an accident she can never see something as they truly are. Now, everything and everyone she sees will look like something different, however, some things stay the same and they are usually random things like her brother, fire hydrants and cats.

Joy knows that what she sees isn't the real thing so she usually relies on her other senses or her brother to figure out what the thing is or what is happening. Her sense of hearing and smell are really strong so she doesn’t usually have much of a problem with figuring out what’s happening around her.

Personality Traits

Joy is shown to be a very kind and compassionate person but she also gets frustrated very easily. She is very upbeat and enjoys trying new things.

She is also quite childish even though she is in her late teens and she will always join in on her brother's games and adventures.

Physical Appearance

Joy has gray eyes with white pupils and turquoise hair with streaks of magenta died into it. She also has streaks of magenta on her neck, face, arms and hips as well.

She wears rainbow coloured socks that almost completely cover her legs. Her wings are also a lighter shade of red than her body.


  • Joy was first shown on the creator's deviantart, same with Axl
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