Wooly is dressed in a full winter attire, sporting a fur cap, heavy jacket, and snow boots, ready for a hike through the mountains. He lowers his map, however, to find that he's standing in front of an expansive desert. A tornado moves in front of him, destroying a cactus. Wooly hides behind a rock, but his ears stick out and get sliced off by the tornado. Saddened, a deaf Wooly treks on through the desert.

Wooly walks through the scorching and neverending desert, now stripped of his clothes from the unbearable heat, quickly becomes dehydrated as time goes by. Things finally start looking up when Wooly spots an oasis. He dives in the water and swims/drinks to his heart's content. The next day he enters the water and begins brushing his teeth. When he spits, unfortunately, blood and several teeth fly out of his mouth. Confused by this, Wooly soon realizes that the oasis was actually a mirage and he's been swimming in or drinking sand the whole time.

Wooly is covered up to his waist in sand and is unable to free himself, when he notices vultures flying overhead. He is suddenly attacked by the vultures, which proceed to eat and tear him apart. He is able to crawl away from them, missing the lower half of his body (with a vulture pecking at the flesh on the back of his neck), but it flies off as a tornado runs over him and leaves Wooly as nothing but a skeleton. Wooly's skull falls off his body and rolls down a dune. We now see that Wooly was near a beach, where Mom and Baby are enjoying the day. Baby picks up Wooly's skull and holds it up to her ear as though it were a sea shell. From the skull, Baby hears the sound of Wooly's moaning.

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