Just For Laughs is a fanon episode of HTF. This episode introduces Chuckles, the hyena who laughs uncontrollably.

Just for laughs

One of those moments where some laughing maniac ruins a good movie...






Crowds gather in a theater to watch a movie. As the movie begins, Josh and Petunia sit next to each other, but Pierce shoves through them for his spot. Not far away sit Rip, Torn, a sleeping Elliott, and Wooly, who does not understand the movie's dialogue. Pierce enjoys the first few moments, but then loud laughter disturbs him. The laughing also interrupts Josh as he was putting his arm around Petunia. The crowd looks a few seats back to find Chuckles laughing. Everyone lets out a big "Shhh", including Elliott, who was woken up.

Given this warning, Chuckles tries hard to keep quiet. As the movie progresses, he watches scenes which make him want to laugh even more. Eventually, he could no longer hold it and lets out a great big cackle. Angered, Rip and Torn leave the theater. Josh and Petunia were interrupted moments from kissing. Pierce is also irritated from the laughter and throws some popcorn at the pest.

The popcorn flies into Chuckles' mouth and gets stuck in his throat, causing him to choke. Satisfied with the silence, Pierce goes back to watching the movie. The funniest part of the movie arrives and Chuckles couldn't help but laugh. Rip and Torn arrive, flipped out, and stab drinking straws into his throat. Chuckles' laughing causes the popcorn to shoot out of the straws like bullets. Pierce prepares to throw his soda cup, only for the popcorn to shoot through him. More popcorn shoots at Josh and Petunia. Wooly tells everyone to stop screaming so he could watch the movie, but two pieces of popcorn shoots into his eyes and he runs. Pierce's soda cup lands on the floor and Wooly slips on the spill, splattering when he hits the floor.

Chuckles regains his breath and watches the rest of the movie. The shocking ending comes up and Chuckles gasps, then chuckles. He laughs so hard he develops a seizure and falls on the ground. The Mole usher drags him outside, where he laughs until blood shoots out of the straws and he explodes. Meanwhile, Elliott grows tired from all that noise and falls asleep. His snoring disturbs Rip and Torn, who flip out again.


"Laugh at Life."


  1. Pierce, Josh, and Petunia are shot by popcorn.
  2. Wooly slips and splatters when hitting the floor.
  3. Chuckles explodes from a seizure.


  • This is Chuckles' debut.
  • The movie was an episode of Buddhist Monkey, and the scenes Chuckles was laughing at were mostly fight sequences.
  • This was another Josh x Petunia moment. The last was "Mad about Glue"

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