Gender: Male
Interest(s): ???
Species: Bear
Color: Gold
Relatives: ???
Age: ???
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: ???
Enemies/Rivals: ???
Love Interest(s): Giggles
Kill Count: 0 (0 as Zam)
Deaths: 0 (0 in regular episodes)
First Appearance: What's for Coal?
First Victim: TBA TBA
First Death: TBA
Kam is a fan character.

Character Bio

He is a gold bear. Like Flippy, he flips out. He will flip out at a certain time, which involves stuff that reminds him of war and the sea. He is also mistaked as a gangster when he talks to someone outside of his house.



  • He has a love interest with Giggles and Marshmallow.
  • He lives in Germany.
  • In RPs, Kam flips out when he sees caramel melt, which reminds him when he drowned in the sea when he was young.


  • "Hallo! Mein Name ist Kam!"
  • "Nein, nein! Das ist nicht richtig!"
  • "Lassen Sie uns auf der Folie zu gehen!"
  • "Flippy, Lasst uns den Krieg gehen!"
  • "Uh oh! Besser gut neben Weihnachten sein!"(In What's For Coal?)
  • "Hallo, Marshmallow, Wanna join my Schlacht?"
  • "Huh, knurren ..."
  • "Hallo, Lau Lau, will etwas zu essen?"
  • "Yum! Diese bun ist köstlich"
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