Keen is a fan character.

Gender: Male
Interest(s): Having coffee, Aliens(?), movies
Species: Fossa
Color: Brown, tan
Relatives: ???
Age: 65(?)
Size: Slightly taller than normal HTFs
Friends/Allies: Flippy

Private Clesta

Enemies/Rivals: Zurple



Invader Zim

Love Interest(s): Unknown
Kill Count: 3
Deaths: None ???
First Appearance: April Alien Fools Night
First Victim: Pranky (April Alien Fools Night)
First Death: ???

Character Info

Keen is a brown Fossa with tanish hands and feet. He has a white hair and a white coat, with a dark brown eye and a cyan eye. Keen is a retired Area 51 Alien researcher and flips out when he's reminded of Alien or UFOs.

Keen is very naive and hot-headed, but enjoys having coffee. When he flips out, he's known as Neek, and kills anyone he thinks is an alien when flipped out (like Green characters, or characters with opposite colored eyes, like Pancake).


  • Keen is the first Fossa in HTF.
  • Keen might be a cannibal, since he might eat the HTF he killed.
  • It's thought that he might be 65 years old.


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