Kentucky is a HTFF character.


Kentucky is an indigo shark with a white face and underbelly, two dorsal fins, fringed tail flukes, and two prominent eyebrow extensions that are shaped like shark fins.

He only speaks in low-pitched groans and rarely socializes.  He does, however, enjoy fried chicken and can be persuaded into doing anything simply by being rewarded with it. This makes him a common pawn in other characters' schemes. Whatever the motive, Kentucky will participate solely to get chicken dinner.

Kentucky's chicken craving is almost obsessive. If one takes his food, he'll go berserk and attack. But this diet has also left him with a number of health problems, such as constantly having to use the bathroom. His eating habits, if not careful, could even lead to him exploding. He lives in a tank inside a seafood restaurant, conveniently located next to a fast food joint.





Kill Count

  • Roaster - 1 ("The Platybo Effect")
  • Boxer -1 ("Boxtracted")


  1. Microphone Kringle - Head explosived from super loudly shout effects


  1. Microphone Kringle - Ear bleeding before got his head explosived


  • He was originally a scrapped OC from User:MewandCompany and later was taken by User:Lord O' Darkness.
  • He could have been inspired by Ol' Kentucky Shark from Kentucky Nightmare, an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
  • He is also inspired loosely by Kentucky Fried Chicken. His craving can also be comparable to SML Shrek's cheesecake craving.
  • After Nugget and Greasy, he is the third character to be addicted to fried chicken. Kentucky and Nugget share the same owner but with opposite fates (the latter was given away and the former was adopted).


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