Kiyoko (きよこ)is a character of HTFF.


Kiyoko is a light pink cat who has obsession with dolls, sweets and blood. She has dark pink eyes, long white hair and a flower with 2 wafer sticks on it. She wears a huge sweater that covers both of her arms and always seen with her cat doll.

Kiyoko seems to be the quiet type of person and is rarely seen talking, but can get along with others a bit. Since she's pretty obsessed with dolls, she always bringing one and playing(also interacts) with it, which makes her creepy to others. The thing is, her dolls are actually voodoo dolls and someone might be affected by it when someone's blood drops onto it. Added the fact Kiyoko likes blood and might injure someone a bit just for a drop of it.

Kiyoko is both a doll maker and witch, who only knows about voodoo doll witchcraft. Her interest in blood is actually not only because of the voodoo dolls, she also thinks it makes some desserts or cakes sweeter. Kiyoko is not really a bad person to meet with, she just loves to play with her dolls and is sometimes not aware who's she controlling with the doll. Kiyoko is aware who's being affected by it but shes always focusing on her dolls. This would harm anyone who is affected by it.

With her obsession with dolls, she always brings one cat doll anywhere or more. She would help anyone via her voodoo dolls if she is able or wanted to help, but most of the time Kiyoko is playing with it instead of helping. She never intends to kill anyone, but would injure anyone. When a bloody accident happened, she always there for the blood.


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Kill Counts

  • Dolly - 1 ("Cats and Dolls")
  • Niya - 1 ("Cats and Dolls")


  • Kiyoko is adopted from La-cocotua.
    • She also originally had her whole eyes colored instead of just her irises.
  • Despite having interest in blood, she never wants her own blood or injures herself for it.
  • Kiyoko was originally planned to release on October for some reason.
  • Her house is actually full of voodoo dolls. Someone might be careful not to injure themselves inside.
  • Kiyoko is Japanese and making her one of Japanese characters in the wiki.


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