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KoKo is a character created by TheCoolWikiDude.


KoKo is a purple squirrel with a diamond mark on her head and she wears a hula skirt due to her likeness for Hula dancing. She owns her own Hula studio in Honolulu where she teaches her students how to hula. She is a skilled Hula dancer who can help her students in rough situations.



Kill Count



  • In her debut episode, KoKo took her Hula dancing too far. In later episodes, she toned her skills down to avoid more deaths.
  • Her diamond marking on her head makes her a Giggles-sue.
  • She strongly dislikes Disco Bear.
  • She is one of the exclusive characters of HTF Hawaiian Style to be Free To Use. The others are PePe, Sheega, Doodoo and JD Winkerman among others.
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