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Kraze for Steak is an episode of HTFF. In this episode, Kay actually flips out for not having steak.






Kay is seen at a grocery mart, where he is looking for some steak. He looks up and down the aisle, but couldn't find it. Suddenly, he sees Mime with steak in his cart. He looks around, looks at his belly (which is growling), and looks at his claws. As Mime walks out of the mart, Kay is following him. He seems to have flipped-out eyes.

Mime is dancing with Toothy, Giggles, Bun, Sir, and much more GTFs at a party, when the doorbell rings. Mime skips to the door and opens it, seeing Kay with a knife in his hand. Mime mouths a scream and runs into a bedroom. Kay sees Giggles and skins her. Then, he eats the skins and runs into a room.

Bun's head is seen on the ground, and Sir sees this and tells Kay to stop. Kay looks at him, and runs out of the room. Toothy is seen huddling with Mime under a bed. Mime then goes out to check if anyone is there. Kay goes out of the room he was currently in, crushing Sir with the door accidentally. He sees Mime, and charges towards him. Mime runs to the furnace, jumps on it, and opens the hatch. Kay accidentally runs into the furnace, and Mime closes the hatch.

Kay is then burnt to a crisp, and Toothy comes and celebrates him. Just before the episode ends, a GTF takes a piece of steak on the party table and eats it.


Don't let your greed get ahead of you


  • Giggles is skinned.
  • Bun is decapitated. (Offscreen)
  • Sir is smashed by a door.
  • Kay is burnt to a crisp.


  • Sir's death is the same as Cub's death in Clause for Concern.
  • This is the first time Kay flipped out.
  • Kay could've just gotten the steak from the table, and this ordeal would have been over.