Krimson is a fan character.


Krimson is a light gray wolf that was created by a deviantART member, Sonierra4eveh23.

Krimson has red paint plastered across her eyes to symbolize..

⚠️Will be Editing⚠️

Occupations and Careers

  • Housewife
  • Professional Killer (on her own time)
  • Soldier/Warrior
  • Villain


Considered theme songs

  • Fight by Icon For Hire
  • No Me Importa by In This Moment
  • Kill Everybody by Skrillex
  • Cannibal by Kesha
  • Play With Fire by Sam Tinnesz
  • Wake Me Up Inside by Evanescence
  • For The Glory by All Good Things
  • Heaven Or Hell by Digital Daggers
  • Sex Metal Barbie by In This Moment
  • Big Bad Wolf by In This Moment


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