List of Kringles

  1. Strangle Kringle - Splendid puts up a giant Christmas tree, but forgets to make sure it's balanced.
  2. Slice Kringle - Putting up lights can be dangerous, as Cloudy is about to know.
  3. Candy Kringle - Kringle makes his debut and it ends quickly.
  4. Gift Kringle - Leif opens his first present, but doesn't get to see the others.
  5. Dough Kringle - Nutty's holiday sweet tooth gets the best of him.
  6. Mistletoe Kringle - Disco Bear uses a classic holiday love charm to get girls.
  7. Kiss Kringle - Flippy and Flaky get under the mistletoe.
  8. Friendship Kringle - Spot and Waddles learn to forgive for the holidays.
  9. This is Sparkle - Fireball receives a taste of his own flaming medicine for Christmas.
  10. Snow Angel Kringle - Lovely makes a mistake by making a snow angel in a ski resort.
  11. House Kringle - Sweet ruins her gingerbread house thanks to two naughty roaches.
  12. Packaging Kringle - Tarsy gives the Mole a hand in gift packaging...literally.
  13. Cow Kringle - Raymond has made a batch of cookies for Santa. Now all he needs is milk...
  14. Cookie Kringle - Nutty eats one of Bakey's cookies, but didn't wait for them to cool down.
  15. Coal Kringle - The Frog King gets a bunch of coal for Christmas.
  16. Hat Kringle - Croakus' magical hat lands on a snowman. What do you think happens next?
  17. Chimney Kringle - With his trusty magnet, Mag is sure to get what he deserves this holiday season.
  18. Cannon Kringle - A stunt is not the best thing to wish for on the holidays, as Daredevil finds out.
  19. Telescope Kringle - Watch out for falling gifts when you see Santa flying his sleigh.
  20. Imagination Kringle - Daydream sees something he couldn't believe.
  21. Tinsel Kringle - Rammsey tries to headbutt Kringle, but instead butts into a heap of trouble.
  22. Ham Kringle - Toad and Fatty execute a quick way to make Christmas dinner.
  23. Fire Kringle - Turkey learns his lesson about fire the hard, festive way.
  24. Pony Kringle - Lumpy aims to give Cub a pony for Christmas. Too bad he forgot to put airholes in his sack.
  25. Soup Kringle - Kay and Sir will soon find out why not to steal hot soup.
  26. Toy Kringle - Jenna and Chloe receives a dollhouse for Christmas.
  27. Teeth Kringle - Chompy gets a new set of teeth for Christmas, but gets more than he could chew on.
  28. Camera Kringle - Squabbles makes one deadly mistake about delivering presents to the king of the jungle.
  29. Cactus Kringle - A Christmas mirage stirs up a Christmas miracle in the desert.
  30. Deer Kringle - Christmas gives even people like Poachy a heart. Too bad it won't block his karma.
  31. Deer Kringle 2 - Poachy nearly ruins Christmas for the world by taking down Santa's fare.
  32. Lasso Kringle - Howdy helps Kringle finish some holiday decorating. What he should have done was hand over the ladder.
  33. Monster Kringle - Find out how the Halloweenies celebrate Christmas.
  34. Snowflake Kringle - Vanilla experiences two kinds of white flakes falling from the sky.
  35. Tingle Kringle - Tingles "itches" to find the perfect tree, unaware that he'll become one himself.
  36. Krampus Kringle - Jerky has been naughty, but coal is the least of his punishment.
  37. Soldier Kringle - Random finds a toy and breaks it. I mean really breaks it.
  38. Snowman Kringle - Pranky chose the wrong day to make a snowman prank.
  39. Antler Kringle - Kringle decorates his antlers.
  40. Building Kringle - Flaky and Mime get in the way as Lumpy builds a house.
  41. Milk Kringle - Why Noc Noc should always get on time when a fresh batch of cookies are made.
  42. Wrapping Kringle - Switchy the snail wraps things up with some wrapping paper. 
  43. Virus Kringle - Cream gets a virus opening e-cards.
  44. Nose Kringle - Kringle with your nose so bright, stay out of Burr's way so he could guide his sled!
  45. Wand Kringle - Sunset uses her wand as the Christmas tree's star. If only she had a spear...
  46. Bubble Kringle - Sunset can protect herself from snowballs but can't from other dangers...
  47. Chestnut Kringle - Random learns the danger of eating overly roasted chestnuts the hard way.
  48. Pine Kringle - Handy tries to cut down a pine tree.
  49. Eggnog Kringle - A certain little egghead tries to get himself some eggnog.
  50. Pole Kringle - Never approach a candy-striped pole in the winter. Especially with snowball-throwing prankster hares around.


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