List of Kringles

  1. Boxing Kringle: Boxer gets a present from someone, and that someone clearly doesn't know his hate for boxes.
  2. Sphere Kringle: Angie has no idea what to put on top of her tree. Neither does Paws. 
  3. Turkey Kringle: Meatzy attempts to eat a turkey.
  4. Airplane Kringle: Random tries to place a tree inside her house.
  5. Marshmallow Kringle: Snowball dishes ice-cold revenge after Nutty spills her hot cocoa. 
  6. Crystal Kringle: Quartz makes the holiday feeling glow with his new ornaments.
  7. Snowball Kringle: Flaps suddenly joining in the snowball fight.
  8. Punk Kringle: Pierce participates in a snowball fight... and Flippy somehow gets involved in it.
  9. Balloon Kringle: Todd gets a swelled head during a holiday parade.
  10. Quill Kringle: Daydream imagines a green porcupine as a christmas tree to put inside his house.
  11. Closet Kringle: Lillie goes to a closet and sees something shiny.
  12. Skating Kringle: Skating is extra dangerous if you're an antelope.
  13. Cold Kringle: Brushy wanted to offers Spicy a cold drink in winter.
  14. Head Kringle: Maya attempts to recreate Slushy's head.
  15. Candle Kringle: Kringle buys some candles for his wreath. 
  16. Pumpkin Kringle: Pranky pulling a snowman prank until Emojie comes in with her pumpkin.
  17. Bell Kringle: Flynn's head is left ringing when Crafty tries to rob him.
  18. Brothers Kringle: Quake Tree receives an "unlucky" gift.
  19. Gem Kringle: Slushy's eye sparkles after an encounter with Angie.
  20. Decorating Kringle: Random gets the wrong idea of decorating a tree.
  21. Wolf Kringle: Timber interrupts a snowball fight and pays in the worst way. 
  22. Microphone Kringle: The Announcer tries to make his microphone work normally.
  23. Water Kringle: The warmth of the season brings unlikely fellows closer together...literally.
  24. House Kringle 2: Sweets bakes a special gift for Dolly.
  25. Ice skate kringle: Jingle's ice skating fun goes horribly wrong all thanks to a rock
  26. Warmest Kisses: The Davis kids see Mommy kissing Santa Claus, underneath the mistletoe.
  27. Peril of the Bells: Mime joins a group of carolers.
  28. Out of Season Kringle: A trio starts their Christmas caroling eight months early.


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