Kurmia is a fanon character of HTFF.


Kurmia is a living wooden doll that being dumped by a child who died in accident, its soul go inside Kurmia, thus you can see glowing yellow eyes in his mouth. He is very scary and cruel but playful and careless at same time. Rumor said that he's always seen walking on nighttime and hanging on tree on daytime, as hibernate. Most of people finds him as "bigfoot", "cryptid", "alien", even "strange-looking monster".

At nighttime, he wanders around the town for meals and his meals is wandering people in that time. He will eat them instantly, despite eating lot characters, he still feel hungry. He also eats meats and bones. He can be so gluttony for meals. His deaths is involve being sliced, chainsaws and Buzz.


  • He was made from oak and spruce woods and its color is from tree saps mixed with maple leaves and cocoa beans.
  • He likes to hide in some place that dark like closet, unused room, under bed, and under couch.
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