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Lammy is a lavender lamb and winner of the Vote or Die character contest against Truffles. She has a (possibly) imaginary friend calledMr. Pickels, who is a very mischievous pickle- Lammy is usually seen trying to keep Mr. Pickels out of trouble and stopping him from hurting people- only to look like she's the one hurting people instead of Mr. Pickels. She appeared in both Happy Tree Friends spinoffs called Partners Collide and Worlds Collide.


  • In Partners Collide, Lammy seems to be friends with Nutty.
  • Lammy is the fourth character with what could be some form of mental illness. The first two are Nutty, and Giggles.
  • Her first fanon lover that is a lamb is Felin. 2nd and second lover that is a kind of lamb is Flowers.
  • She is one of the characters that have two lovers, Felin and Flowers. Their names both begin with the letter F.


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