Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki
Gender: Female
Interest(s): Math, Science, Photography
Species: Beaver
Color: Light Green
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 16
Size: Tall
Friends/Allies: Unknown
Enemies/Rivals: Unknown
Love Interest(s): Unknown
Kill Count: 0
Deaths: 8 From regular episodes
First Appearance: Play, what's going on?
First Victim: None N/A
First Death: Play, what's going on?

Lessy is a fan-made character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Lessy is a light green beaver. She has small, blue ears, and a scar on her face. It is currently unknown how she got the scar. She is smart, but oftenly confused about things.


Starring Roles

  1. Play, what's going on?
  2. I Spa it First
  3. Broken Art-ed
  4. Burn On Your Love Light

Featuring Roles

  1. Speak of the Daredevil
  2. The Right Side Of The Tracks
  3. Sting Around the Campfire
  4. I Need a New Brain
  5. Imperfect Chemistry
  6. Scars of Attraction
  7. Beaver Centipede


  1. Escalator Haters


  1. Play, what's going on? - Dies from blood loss after Flippy opens her scar.
  2. Speak of the Daredevil - Snow floods her scar and she either suffocates from the snow or dies when her head pops off.
  3. The Right Side Of The Tracks - Killed by an eggbeater.
  4. I Spa it First - Swells up from an allergic reaction and her brain falls out of her scar.
  5. Sting Around the Campfire - Her brain is impaled and pulled out.
  6. I Need a New Brain - A robotic claw rips out her brain.
  7. Broken Art-ed - Impaled by a rock.
  8. Imperfect Chemistry - Eaten by carnivorous plants.
  9. Beaver Centipede - Sliced by telephone wire.
  10. Burn on Your Love Light - Burned to the bones.


  1. She is one of the few beaver characters.
  2. It is said that most of her deaths will involve her scar or blood loss.
  3. As seen in I Spa it First, she is allergic to cucumbers.
  4. So far, the only episodes she survived were Escalator Haters and Scars of Attraction.


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