"No time to be thrifty, just take what's nifty and be out in fifty!"
-Alliteration for canon Internet Seasons 3 and 4


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Lifty and Shifty are two identical twin green raccoon thieves. They frequently steal merchandise from the other characters, as well as hunt for treasure, ransack houses, or do anything to get rich quick. They have the same gender, color, markings, bushy tails, basic personality and almost identical voices. However, Shifty is the one who wears the fedora. They also have different forms on Happy Tree Friends: Partners Collide. They are set to appear as minor antagonists of The HTF Movie.



Shifty- Shiftette

Though not publicly disputed or displayed there have been signs that Shifty has feeling for Petunia but refuses to display them. Hiding his feeling behind his cool behavior and his need to have things.


  • Shifty is usally considered the slightly older character, and more evil.
  • On Happy Tree Friends: Partners Collide they use to work with Evil Flippy to turn all the tree friends into gigantic beasts but betray him when they find out his true ambition.
  • Both Lifty and Shifty appear in a crossover fan series Leena + Friends, in the Filming Disaster episode.
  • They both have girlfriends who are twin sisters named Liftelle and Shiftette.
  • They have a younger adopted female sibling named Bex.


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