Lil Chew Toy

Lil Chew Toy is a character in HTFF.

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Lil Chew Toy (possible stage name, real name unknown) is an orange horse, with red and blue hair, green eyes, a gold tooth, a green shirt and teal pants. He's mostly spends his time as rapper, but instead of bothering to make actual music, he just likes to make random sounds, much in the listeners' annoyance. Beyond that he is extremely egotistical, selfish and dimwitted. He also is rumored to be part cyborg as he has the ability to make himself sound robotic to the point where uses robot nosies for songs as well. He appears to friends with Double A and rivals with Pitch.







  1. Toys in the Band - Mauled by Whistle.


  • He's based off the creator's hatred for crunkcore music. (Bands like Blood On The Dance Floor, BrokeCYDE etc)
  • His name was chosen cause of how generic it is for rappers.
  • He's often mistaken for a fox.
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